Halloween Joyride

— Csilla & Krisz

We are all about spontaneity and our wedding was no different – we made up our minds 3 months before the event. Having put it together quite fast, the realization struck that the only thing missing was our wedding host. We were already familiar with Peter’s history because once we took part at a wedding that he lead and thus had the chance to see him in action. It was brilliant! A few weeks before the reception we thought – hey, we might as well ask him if he’s available: we already committed ourselves to the idea, plus our other sources confirmed that he’s free that day, too. So we didn’t stall for long and booked him asap. And what a good choice we made!

Peter prepared us superbly for our wedding and conducted the day exactly by the book. We had no other tasks then to sit back and enjoy our special day. We are especially grateful for him taking us last minute and cramming us in his schedule. He made our day an unforgettable joyride. Thank you Peter!

— Csilla & Krisz
— Zsuzsi & Laci
Zita & Áron —