About me

Péter Csizmadia
Master of ceremonies and a wedding host.

Being a bilingual master of ceremonies I consider my main task of taking all the weight off your shoulders during your wedding day, so that you can enjoy your ceremony as if you were guests yourselves.

You can say I’m addicted to these events because I see happiness and joy in the people around me which charges me with the same energy too.

Each wedding is unique in itself, so I find it essential to get to know each couple thoroughly in person beforehand. After I get to know your wishes and conception, we can create your perfect plan which we’ll execute on your special day.

I am flexible within my schedule and can adapt even to the craziest of ideas. I even sing if needs be, but it is not much fun to listen to.
However being someone who’s ever-ready, I like to have a plan B for every scenario, which will make your guests believe it was plan A.

In addition to keeping everything under control as a stage-manager behind the scenes, I also call myself a wedding host as I am keen on coordinating the guests politely, so that they are always familiar with what is coming next and where they should gather. I am also a presenter so I introduce the events and conduct all the games as many as you like.
Being a good judge of character, I immediately come to terms with the guests, so they recognize me as a friend from the beginning and take me as their host.

As for my style, I have an elegant and intellectual attitude with a touch of humor. I speak as much as necessary: no more, no less.
My main duty is to make your wedding day completely about you and to make it memorable for everyone. If you would like your wedding day to be exactly the way you dreamed then drop me a line and I will make it happen.