Where the soul feels good

— Adri & Ricsi

Adri and Ricsi tied the knot at one of my favorite wedding venues in Hungary: the wonderful Deák Mansion in Kakucs at Zsófi Dragon’s ceremony. While constructing choreographies with our photographer, the one and only Ferenc Kovács “Olasz” we were always attentive to the brilliant modern vintage style of this place, which really shine in all the magnificent shots. The guests played along the whole time and thus we could make the petal toss an outstanding spectacle among many others. The dance contest after the interactive shoe game we played turned out to be a huge success, as well.

As for our other crew members, we really had a fun time with Roland Horváth cinematographer once again, so check out his work, too, if you can. It came as no surprise, that my friend, István Kristóf wedding dj provided the best quality of service in music and lights this time as well. It was a phenomenal crew and great wedding!

Our very first meeting with Peter was so much fun, so we were already sure that he was going to be our wedding host. We absolutely loved creating the schedule for the day, as he pointed out some very useful ideas that we never would have thought of. He made sure that the detailed schedule was really made for us, so we were hundred percent sure that our wedding was going to be in good hands.
He was always interested in us during our prep phase and was always ready with a smart advice let it be about the color of the tie or some music. Having been asked, he recommended other vendors so we could have the best of wedding crews.
Our wedding had a fantastic atmosphere, Peter had full control over everything, so we did not have to worry about any detail whatsoever. He was relaxed and cheerful the entire day and had time to take care of both our guests and us, too. We could count on him in really anything, starting with fixing ties for our friends and flower pins for our relatives. Then he went on with conducting excellent games like a boys versus girls dance contest – which still makes us smile whenever we check out the photos. Peter is by far the best choice for all who want a stress-free and professionally conducted wedding.

— Adri & Ricsi
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —