Wedding with 30

— Reni & Béci

“Having received his first email, we were already sure Peter was going to be our wedding mc. Since we were organizing our wedding from abroad, we could only meet him on Skype, but that turned out wonderful, too: we got to know a young, enthusiastic and witty guy and we were positive that he’d fit our personality and our wedding. A year passed and with the help of Peter we constructed a great schedule for the day in the meantime. He also helped us in the final stages with his advice and ideas. Later when he arrived on the wedding day he took the reins at once, sized up the venue and took initiative. We were told about all this later, due to the fact that we were busy having fun – just as we wanted. We were free of all duties – Peter was in charge of everything.

Several members of our wedding team told us they very rarely see such a calm bride – which was of course thanks to Peter, since he managed everything so nicely. He attended to the needs of guests (he even did some ties), coordinated them and made sure that we stuck to our plan to the minute. He also lead our newly formed wedding team, which turned out just great. We even had some games that everybody loved to the moon and back: I actually felt like in a tv show and Peter was so professional. Our guests including my 81 year-old grandma and the young adults all complimented on his performance. He is polite, intelligent, has a good sense of humor, but he is never over the top. He is fully aware of what is required of him. If we threw another wedding party, we would book him again, for the reason that without him nothing would have been so easy. We recommend Peter Csizmadia, our wedding host to you from the bottom of our heart.”

We recommend Peter to you from the bottom of our heart, who is a young, witty, enthusiastic and cool wedding host. He perfectly took control of everything and no matter what issue came up, we did not even realize since he immediately took care of it. Our guests complimented on his performance, too, and what is more, a young couple liked him so much they even asked for his contact. We think that is the best reference we can give you, Peter. We would do the same gig just like this any time again. Thank you for everything and wish you all the best!

— Reni & Béci
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —