Wedding of Champions

— Dóri & Jani

Since she is a world champion kayaker herself, Dóri expected maximum performance from her wedding crew, as well. Even Jani, her husband could only sit back after the ceremony by the lake. For the rest of us, that was when it really began. First we made the happy couple become millionaires at a wedding quiz show with magnificent sound effects, then their top10 friends competed for the cup of victory.

The joyful celebration came to a brief halt when everyone had a piece from the wedding cake and the smartest ones among us received an extra prize, then we started the whole party all over again. Everyone did their best on the dancefloor, but we could only give away two gold medals today: I warmly congratulate Dóri and Jani for being our joint winners of the night!

We’re so glad we decided on Peter as the third main character of our wedding. Actually we liked him so much at the first meeting that we didn’t even consider the other candidates. Not only did he help us a lot on the wedding day, but he was there for us when we had the weirdest of questions in the preparation phase, too. On the wedding day he had everything under control, perfectly cooperated with the wedding team and made our life so much easier. He fired up the party for the whole crowd including the young and old. He was involved to such an extent that a lot our guests still don’t get it how he wasn’t one of our friends. We strongly recommend Peter to any couple getting married.

— Dóri & Jani
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —