Vintage wedding

— Emese & Máté

Emese and Máté were sure of three things about their wedding: while keeping ourselves to some Hungarian traditions, there should be fabulous weather and a festive atmosphere. Well, although I can easily bring on the latter two, now I turned my head to some traditions in order to make the couple happy. Thus we solemnly waved goodbye to the parents’ houses, and after a short trip to the local chapel we got the party started in vintage style.

It was clear to me that these Transylvanian folk could really feel the beat, but I also had a few new tricks that they didn’t even know they would love so much up my sleeve.

We were totally satisfied with your work: you paid attention to everything and everyone! Your farewell speeches were marvellous and you created a great atmosphere with your witty remarks before we let our hair down. It’s not easy to coordinate 160 people, but you did just perfectly. The whole thing was excellent! Thanks you so much!

— Emese & Máté
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —