Unique games on the menu

— Dorka & Bobby

Dorka and Bobby’s plan was to have a vibrant and laidback wedding with unique games and lots of laughs. It was a great honor to immediately earn their trust so that we could propel the events in the right direction with our unified wedding team.

Among others it was a great experience to listen to that most moving and melting speech from the bride’s dad because it truly laid the foundation of an emotional atmosphere. We did not wait long to deliver our marriage advice and offerings to the Happy Couple, but we did so with somewhat unconventional paper airplanes this time. We continued with similarly fun moments, so I wish everyone the same joy we had today!

We were totally satisfied with Peter’s wok, he really took all the weight off our shoulders. I can only recommend him, since he was so attentive that he always knew what we needed – oftentimes earlier than we actually did. He professionally scheduled and executed our wedding day. Our only “job” was to savor every moment and share them with our friends who also loved what Peter did today. So thank you Peter once again, we are really grateful!

— Dorka & Bobby
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —