Twin Flames

— Kata & Mátyás

If this is a truly adorable couple’s heart’s desire, and I can not talk them out of it either, then I guess I’d be happy to join them in matrimony, but I have never had the chance of doing so in my career. However, Kata and Mátyás dreamed of a solemn, cosy and spiritual wedding, which according to them made me their only alternative for this job. For this reason, I obviously accepted the challenge and conducted the whole ceremony on their special day.

As a wedding mc, I had an easy task, too, because Kata and Mátyás are an all-smiles and merry couple, who are blissed by one another and do make efforts every single day for their relationship based on love, loyalty and friendship. They are thankful for being together and for glaring for each other as twin flames. And if some friends catch the bouquet and the garter in pairs, then they will do the same.

When we started organizing our wedding, Peter was the first one to book since I was sure that if he is going to be our mc, then it will be a blast. We three had plenty of chats in the planning phase and now we consider him as a friend, since he had the main role in carrying out the wedding plan to the letter.
He is simply a pro, and is fully prepared for any circumstances. We hope he is available for our 50th anniversary, too.

— Kata & Mátyás
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —