The Way We Want It

— Zsani & Bucsi

A friend recommended Peter for us and we were already sure after our first meeting that our wedding will be in great hands. Peter was already booked for the day, so it was Dani who was there with us on our big day, but all the while we had two great emcees during prep.

They were there to help us no matter what, they were super-quick to respond to messages and they also made it clear that they don’t stick with any traditions – this is our day and our day only: so we will have it the way we want. As a bride, I’m telling you: it’s such a great relief to know you have someone around who is fully aware of everything in the wedding script and coordinates the flow of events with precision. Dani controlled the whole day with an amazing zeal and confidence while paying attention to and satisfying every need of ours.

Thank you Peter and Dani for your great work and amazing help you provided us with.

— Zsani & Bucsi
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —