The Anchor Point

— Merci & Dávid

Peter was our anchor point while prepping for our wedding. I have been absolutely certain for many years now that once I get married I would like to book him. And I was so happy I did! Peter planned everything to the letter and we loved all our appointments with him – they were like a meetup with friends. He even texted me on the wedding day saying I can be excited, but shouldn’t worry at all!

Of course I did not worry one single bit – I was sure Peter could handle any issue that might come up that day. And that is exactly how it went, as there were quite a few unforeseen obstacles that needed to be dealt with. Thank you so much for everything! We couldn’t have had such a wonderful day without you!

— Merci & Dávid
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —