Textbook Wedding

— Petra & Andris

As a master of ceremonies it’s a great honor when I’m entrusted with the job of organizing the wedding reception of an old friend. It’s even even greater when my former students ask me for the same.

Over the years I’ve gotten to know András as a wholehearted and witty person with a totally unique character. Together with his fiancée, they dreamed of a classic Hungarian wedding, but with a modern atmosphere, so I was more than happy to say yes. We put so much effort in the preparations and everything was in such a cohesive unit on their Special Day that I could feel like I was a guest at this perfect wedding.

I’ve already known that Peter has a very good sense of humor and is a great coordinator. He perfectly scheduled our wedding, too. Everything was fantastic, We can’t recommend him highly enough!

— Petra & Andris
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —