Spoiler Alert

— Zsuzsi & Laci

We are one of those lucky couples who had Peter’s magnificent student, Dani as their wedding emcee. It was by great chance that we met Peter and Dani: we found them at the very beginning of our wedding preps even before Covid-19 hit the fan. We reached out to Peter through a mutual friend, but since he was already booked for that day, he recommended Dani. We felt it during the first meeting and intro that unless we take them now, we’ll be missing out for good. Their professional, smart and witty attitude made us confident that we made the right move.

Unfortunately, the pandemics upset our plans, too. However, among the many hardships we could be sure of one thing – that Dani will be always there for us on our big day and … spoiler alert … he truly was. With his help we executed the best date-venue-script adjustment ever made. We were glad that the professional mentality we got to love during the plans didn’t subside. What’s more, Dani’s presence gave us peace and calm — we knew our guests were in the best hands imaginable. Dear Peter and Dani, thank you for everything, all the support and that you were the ones we could share our big day with.

— Zsuzsi & Laci
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —