Some good souls

— Dorka & Ati

Peter dedicated a huge amount of his time to us: he was available on the line and in person whenever we preferred. We had a series of quite specific and explicit ideas in mind regarding our wedding, which all seemed something of a challenge to work out. However, based on his vast experience Peter always managed to find the most suitable compromise, while keeping the characteristics of everything we dreamed of. He was already there for us since early in the morning and supported us with all the positive energy we needed. It was very important for us, because we really wanted him to take all the burdens off our shoulders, so we could give ourselves to each other and our guests. We could count on Peter’s accurate and precise attitude the whole day, and it gave us reassurance to know that execution was in the perfect hands imaginable. We always felt his presence, but when needed, he was right there to help us in person, too. We are happy we chose you, and we wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again.

We met a very good soul in you Peter, and we are thankful for everything you did for us! We had the best day of our life and we can thank this for you, as well. We can recommend you to everybody – we are sure you’ll never disappoint.

— Dorka & Ati
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —