Reckless overflow of bliss

— Eszti & Gergő

This Sunday wedding was a real blast from beginning to end. Eszti and Gergo are real party animals, they love life and each other. Their friends are the same, so the whole day ended up being a reckless, savage overflow of bliss.

We already knew after the ceremony that we will rock this hard today. It all began with Gergo tossing the bouquet instead of the garter to his groomsmen, but with such force that it actually landed in the pond. “A true friend, indeed!” – shouted the guys, although I still don’t get it why… Later when we finished dinner we let our hair down for real. This epic gig was one in a lifetime!

Peter’s coordination was excellent. He even performed above expectations. We can only recommend him. He never disappoints. Our friends loved his humor too. Thank you, Peter.

— Eszti & Gergő
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —