Postgraduate Wedding

— Anikó & Dávid

When Aniko and David first called me to become their wedding mc, I immediately knew we will be on the same wavelength. Since we had had multiple university degrees ourselves, we three had a lot in common.

After I had asked them several questions about how they imagined their Special Day, we created the plan together with the precision of an academic exam revision. Then of course all they wanted to do was sit back and enjoy their wedding. This made our life so simple. In the early spring, a fantastic team of suppliers gathered in order for the graduates to start their joint life with a real success story.

Everything happened like in their dreams.

Choosing Peter to be our wedding mc turned out to be the perfect decision.

He coordinated the events precisely, and he was there for us exactly when needed – just in the right moments. All we had to do was let ourselves get carried off our feet. When we had to have some matters arranged, we understood each other without words.

With all the positive feedbacks from our guests, we recommend Peter for everyone who would like to have their Special Day in good hands!

— Anikó & Dávid
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —