Perfectionists having fun

— Johi & Máté

If someone believes having an emcee at their wedding is not a necessity, then I say they might be right, however, having a Peter is an absolute must. Peter is not just an ordinary emcee, but a wedding planner, contact person, coordinator, troubleshooter and wedding psychologist in one person.

He has been exceedingly reliable from day one and it has always been clear for us that he is not the man of halfway measures, but opts for the supreme. He soon picked up on what we desired and never disappointed, but delivered just that with a high level of excellence. Peter’s proved to be a great support in the final weeks, and he didn’t even need the questions raised: he was there with a solution.

We can recommend his work to all the perfectionists out there who’d fancy this kind of professional attitude.

— Johi & Máté
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —