Party of a lifetime

— Dalma & Gergő

I am lucky to have known Peter for many years, and also to have seen him work at a wedding already. Thus I have already known that we will need him and no one else! Luckily my fiancé, I mean husband came to the same conclusion 5 minutes into our first talk with Peter.

We recommend Peter from the bottom of our hears, as he helped us immensely during our months of wedding preparations, plus he had great ideas on how to get unique and of course he acted brilliantly on our wedding day! He got all the love from our guests, too! Every other feedback is about how they would book him for their own wedding!

All in all, I can only give you the good stuff: Peter we can’t thank you enough, you stole our heart! I hope we’ll party again soon! It’s so crazy it’s already over, but we’d do it again any time, but only with you! It was the party of our life!

— Dalma & Gergő
— Csenge & Marci
Gyöngyvér & Hakurin —