Parade of joy

— Kinga & Bálint

Kinga and Bálint tied the knot at Hilltop Wine Hotel, Neszmély, but oh my days – in ways beyond imagination! They were beaming with joy all day, their guests created a wonderful atmosphere, while we the wedding crew were busy making the whole event a non-stop parade of fun activities. There was always a way to push it even further. We had a truly mesmerizing celebration and everyone had a blast, thus providing the newlyweds with the perfect social activity.

A 5 star rating is not enough for Peter in our opinion, because we have been so sure about him since we first met. We always knew he was the best choice and would be a great help for us on our special day. We appeared to be right about him: he was kind and always there for us, but he was never too much, rather flexible and calm – which made us ease into the whole day. Peter did not have an easy task since we had a tight schedule and at the same time he also had to deal with several pop-up surprises from our family. Everybody complimented on his performance and many others loved him to the moon and back. Peter we are so thankful for everything – you are great!

— Kinga & Bálint
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —