Not so ordinary request

— Helga & Marci

Shortly: We have been totally satisfied with Peter – he is agent 007 of all emcees. Let me elaborate on this: I have known Peter for quite a while now, but not from the wedding industry, rather among my friends. Back when we were only dating 4 years ago we already decided that whenever we tie the knot, Peter was going to be our emcee. 1 year after the proposal we did reach out to him with a “not so ordinary” wedding request: we wanted to have our wedding day in Szatmarnemeti, Romania following the local traditions. Thing is, Peter had never done such a gig before – with different coordination needs, a different script and even a dissimilar seating order at the dinner table. However, Peter asked and made detailed notes about every new challenge and absolutely lived up to the hype.

Peter quickly got adapted to a new environment and wedding crowd in a snap of a finger. He did a wonderful job even at the the bridal house, got on the same wavelength with the locals and performed some examples of masterful crowd control at the church ceremony and dinner announcements, too. Peter totally nailed it how to arrange everything without us getting involved in any unwanted wedding tasks other than having fun with all our guests. At the end, friends, family, relatives, even other wedding crew members gave us a 100% positive feedback on Peter’s job, so we will be forever in his debt! Thank you so much Peter!

— Helga & Marci
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —