Not My Words

— Gitta & Erik

Once again together with my Purephoto boys for yet another collab – we went road tripping down to Gitta and Erik’s wonderful wedding in Baja. After an early start we set off to discuss the script once again in detail while driving down the highway. I really like how we three think alike in setting our minds at our priorities: always seeking progress, never satisfied! Gitta and Erik being their good friends, even raised our own expectations to a 110%.

We can only recommend Peter. He took care of everything during our wedding and despite our guests with a multitude of different backgrounds he got on the same wavelength with everybody and maintained perfect control. We are extra grateful for him for convincing us to make our vows. It turned out so great (not my words) that it became the most memorable moment of of the whole day.

— Gitta & Erik
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —