Never lose focus

— Zita & Tika

Peter is not a supplier, but a partner. Thanks to his approachable and laidback demeanor we had that chemistry going right at the first meeting, then we met more and got even closer! Besides totally fulfilling his roles as emcee, Peter proved extra helpful during that maze of wedding prep procedures. At the wedding day things truly felt like being on the right track and just keep happening by themselves – so all we had to do was “worry about” letting our hair down.

For Peter it was absolutely impossible to lose focus, even though we tried really-really hard with all our changes to the script out of the blue. He handled every bit of an issue like a pro. Channeling the natural dynamics of the night Peter had a great sense for accurately controlling the crowd with the best timing imaginable. Not only that, but his games hit the jackpot every single time, too – a lesson learned: we should have taken his words for granted even more. We recommend him to everyone from the bottom of our heart, as we are immensely grateful for making our wedding one of the best days of our life!

— Zita & Tika
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —