My top fan

— Emese & Csaba

Before we even started to prepare for our wedding, I had been sure about one thing only: our wedding host was going to be Peter Csizmadia and this was non-negotiable. This decision was already made when I started to follow his Instagram page in 2016. His easy and modern style with the yellow jacket raised my attention immediately, so that was when I did my research on what a wedding mc really does.

Since then I had been reading reviews of his pleased and happy couples, which confirmed that he should be our man for the job when the time comes. I called Peter right after our proposal and asked him to let us know of all his available dates for 2020, and thus we agreed on the best suiting one with our venue.

Peter was very open-minded, funny and precise at our first meeting, so four hours flew by in a heartbeat while we discussed all the bits and details of our wedding schedule. We loved it how he never wanted to force anything upon us – all he did was propose and personalize everything to our needs. Our second meeting was just as entertaining: Peter listened to our funny stories for hours, made notes and then we heard him use them in the best-fitting moments on our big day.

We could always contact him: even during an minor emergency, he briefed us on the wedding script with his whole heart at 10PM and set our minds at ease that everything was going to be just fine. In the final week he made measures with the venue and our vendors to ensure everything would run smooth, taking a respectable weight off our shoulders this way.We could merrily enjoy every moment of our wedding day and we both had time for each other, since we knew everything was running according to plan.

Peter was gracious with everybody, but being our wedding host, not only did he deal with the two of us and all our guests, but he also coordinated everything behind the scenes and put things like the next ceremony or small event in motion. Peter is polite, funny, enthusiastic, modern and is ever-ready to solve any problem – which actually don’t even pop-up as long as he’s there. We are grateful for everything! Thanks to you, the best day of our life was smooth, blissful, leisurely and secure! Thank you Peter!

— Emese & Csaba
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —