Music is love

— Niki & Krisztián

Not only do Niki and Krisztián absolutely love music, but one of them was even a singer of a metal band once. What’s more, they also seemed to be experts in dancing, which we all know how important is in a relationship. The Happy Couple loves each other to the moon and back and they showed it to us at their wedding.

It was fantastic to see them together because their radiating passion simply charged everyone around them. The dancefloor was constantly on fire, yet we sometimes transformed it to a stage for the performances of the newlyweds, just to fan the flames even more. I was totally nuts about these two wonderful people and I wish everyone the same desire they feel towards one another – they have already made it!

After our first meeting we already made our decision that we won’t look any further, but choose Peter as our wedding host. It was a perfect choice. He made everything go according to plan on our wedding day and he was always there for us, and he also knew when to remain in the background all the same.
He was always smiling, and perfectly aware of the schedule, so we could fully trust him at all times: he was in control of everything and everybody. We will surely recommnend him to others.

— Niki & Krisztián
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —