Most colorful wedding

— Eszter & Márk

Not only did the colorful wedding decoration match Eszter and Márk’s cheerful personality, but the bridesmaids’ conspicuous dresses and the witty games hit the jackpot, too. We expected the best and so the guests had a wonderful time accordingly.

Here at picturesque Nairam the waiters did an excellent job in bringing us drinks after drinks, plus they helped us in many other ways, so the venue turned out to be just the perfect choice for our needs. Everything was varied, smart and utterly romantic until we opened the dance-floor. The picture was only complete with that total blast we had after that.

We came across quite a few positive feedbacks and recommendations about Peter, so we thought it was a great sign. Then meeting him in person really made us choose him because we saw he is professional and able to handle things fantastically. This turned out to be the case on the wedding day, too, as he helped us in everything, orchestrated the flow of events and even tidied up after a hardcore game! We could count on him in absolutely everything, so we easily recommend him, too! He is cream of the crop!

— Eszter & Márk
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —