Most beautiful together

— Petra & Balázs

Petra and Balázs are breathtakingly beautiful together in every moment, just as my great colleague, our photographer Benedek Sás captured them all. Love and harmony are so vibrant within these two lovebirds that it was contagious for everybody around them. This blissful atmosphere culminated already during preparation time, but never plateaued even among those following us on social media. We hope that everybody returned our balloon mails!

Dear Peter,
Thank you for your professional service during the preparation and the wedding. It was an unforgettable experience for both of us and our guests. Thank you for being so flexible and patient and saying everything in English, too. Let me quote our foreign friends: Danka oidaaa, das war soooogeil!

— Petra & Balázs
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —