Miraculous wedding

— Zsófi & Andreas

Zsófi and Andreas are that one couple whose love towards each other is so beyond any imagination that it bedazzled me for real. That is why I even accompanied them to a fantasy role playing game session prior to their wedding day where they proved once again why they make such a lovely duo together. The way they express their love is the most unique among those that I witnessed before. Since they are a Danish-Hungarian couple, we prepared with lots of speeches, funny customs from both sides and wonderful surprises for their wedding day. One of these was the home-made wedding cake itself created by one our guests from hand-picked ingredients. It had a miraculous success! Like everything else.

Peter was an amazing host for our wedding! We are truly happy for the incredible times we had planning our wedding with him, and his patience with us as we unravelled all of our stories. We loved every moment of it. On the day he was always available and caring, he helped us and our multinational guests to always know what was happening and to feel comfortable. We and our guests never needed to worry about anything. We simply had a blast and let the day carry us away without a worry. It was the most wonderfully magical day of our lives.

— Zsófi & Andreas
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —