Merged with the Big Day

— Tekla&Csabi

First we met Peter as guests at another wedding. Experiencing his zeal and enthusiasm with which he lead the couple, we decided that he was going to be the one we would need as our guide for all the milestones of our own special day. And we did quite right! Since the first moment of our prep phase he let us take our own path and set up the best script that would totally befit our needs and expectations. Whenever we look at Peter, text him or think about him – we see a significant person in our life. Months before our wedding day, he diligently made notes and showed an immense level of precision to get to know us by heart. As a result of this he used bits of fun facts and trivia as witty elements in his announcements with absolutely no clichés or banalities.

On the day of our ceremony we payed no attention to how we should handle things. Peter was simply guiding us on our sunny Friday afternoon with ease, and all we had to do was savor every moment. Days after our wedding, our guests are still thrilled by his games. Peter, we are so thankful for seeing us on this road: your personality merged with our special day – you made it become what we truly are.

— Tekla&Csabi
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —