Love on full blast

— Kata & Robi

Kökény és Fia Family Winery is a real love enterprise, since they do consider each wedding to be a unique and once-in-a-lifetime social experience. Thus we could welcome the happy couple at a cosy venue with the crew: Bellon Pictures, Attila Kropf and István Kristóf at the turntables.

Kata and Robi were on full blast when it came to having fun at their wedding, and so we never slowed down. Our programs were slick and prompt, and yet the ceremony and games turned out to be so entertaining that our happy hormones got released in such a memorable and fun way.

Peter is a pro. He understood what we wanted from our wedding and how, straight away, moreover he was a smashing help not only in planning but in execution, too. Generally, he has some great advice you should take, but he never pushes anything. He payed attention to every little detail at our wedding and knew exactly what were in need of without asking: let it be just a refreshing lemonade sometimes. But most importantly, not only we were so satisfied with Peter’s service, but he appealed to all our guests, too. We got lots of positive feedbacks about him. The only thing we had to do at our wedding was to have fun – everything else was under his control. We had the chance to meet lots of wedding mcs before, but we can honestly say that he is far the best. Thank you Peter for helping us manage our most memorable day.

— Kata & Robi
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —