Humorous characteristic

— Ildi & Norbi

Ildi and Norbi were classmates on MA. First it started out as a friendzone kind of thing: they hang out and did some partying together a lot, then because of their shared sense of humor, without an actual first date Norbi just moved in to Ildi. Since then they have been in festive mood with each other and now they decided to make it official, so they asked for help from my professional mentor, the ever so wonderful Alida Bárány-Szilfai.

One of the basic characteristics of Alida Wedding is that everything on the special day runs according to plan, plus those lucky ones who got invited all come in for an experience never to forget. Vince Major let the party started, we had a boys versus girls dance showdown and Előd Molnár took all the magnificent shots. Together we wish all the best to the cheerful Happy Couple!

Thank you so much for making the best day of our life even better! We have been on the same wavelength since the first meeting and it was never a question that you would be our master of ceremony. This made us so happy! You have great ideas and you coordinated all the 150 guests brilliantly and did not let any of them ever get bored. Thank you Peter!

— Ildi & Norbi
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —