Hollywood Wedding

— Janka & Ádám

Being a quarterback of an American footbal-team himself, who else could Adam fall in love with, other than the prettiest of the cheerleaders: Janka?

In order for this Hollywood-style wedding to take place, I traveled to Gesztely, this picturesque vilalge near Miskolc, Hungary, where I was welcomed with warm hospitality and a friendly atmosphere. The ceremony was held in a handsome church, then we went to Promenade Restaurant to celebrate and play some funny games. Even better than those in the movies.

Dear Peter,

I very rarely get speechless, but I was simply awestruck by our wedding. This special day we were planning and preparing for together turned out so amazingly well. We made the best choice possible when we chose you as our wedding host and I’m so glad we got to know you. I hope we’ll meet again, because we’ll surely hear about you.

Thank you!

— Janka & Ádám
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —