Glam Couple from London

— Jennifer & Ernő

I would definitely recommend Peter to be your host! We knew instantly that Peter was the one for us on our first call with him itself! We love everything about his personality, his charisma and passion for his work! We only met Peter in person for the first time on our wedding day but because he was very friendly and good at what he does that everyone thought he was our long time friend hosting the wedding!

Peter was also very attentive. He was there pre- ceremony and throughout the ceremony. He even stayed longer just to ensure that things remained in order and that everyone was having a good time. What I can say is that you can depend on Peter as despite his busy schedule, he always tried to accommodate us and made himself available especially pre-wedding whenever we needed to make changes for the wedding ceremony which was a huge help in minimising the wedding stress preparation from a distance.

Peter was also the first person who made me tear as a bride as he was not only courteous but has a sensitive side. He ensured that the bride was steady for the wedding. He is also great with his hospitality towards everyone. There was nothing more we could ask for from him as he made sure that everything was in order from start to end. In a nutshell, we were satisfied with the service provided. If you choose him, not doubt that he will make a good host on your wedding day! In fact, like us, you will gain a new friend out of having him as your host!

— Jennifer & Ernő
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —