Fun factor level 10

— Annamari & Csaba

Everything was given for a truly meaningful wedding at this wonderful reception venue in Balatonfüred. The guests’ great fancy for games plus the newlyweds’ wholehearted enthusiasm both played a role in why we were playing nearly all night.

Having taken some funny group photos we went on to start with a glass-clinking game, where everyone had to toast the couple and drink at least one shot. Coming up next were the magnificent group performances with which the friends greeted the newlyweds by dancing, giving some witty wedding advice and other impromtu stage productions. It was a blast!

We also flew lampions, did an interactive quiz and sent messages in a bottle, so the guests could feel involved in the course of events during the whole time. But the icing on the wedding cake was yet to come, since the opening dance was followed by a blissful party time till the crack of dawn.

— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —