Full of enthusiasm

— Évi & Szabolcs

We had Évi and Szabolcs’s quite extraordinary wedding party at Levendulás. The most popular game today turned out to be a variation of the seating game, which made the top 10 friends show off their skills in speed, agility and creative problem solving. They had to face nine challenges during the rounds, with the happy couple just rooting for them from the background. This challenge was a huge success, for those not involved in the game also had their favorites they could cheer for. As a result, our competitors truly did their best and really wanted to win. However, we could only have one person still standing at the end who earned the title of ‘the most wicked friend’ and thus won the honor to be first to dance with the bride after the cake.
I was amazed to see just how much we are capabale of doing for our friends in general under stress. This could only be evoked in us by this memorable wedding today.

Thank you Peter for your extremely helpful attitude, that we could text you even at 11PM and it never took you more than 5 minutes to reply. Thank you for acting like a pro and being so flexible to our needs. You handled our guests amazingly and managed to coordinate all 110 of them the whole day. You are a true MC who has not yet burned out, but is full of energy and enthusiasm, which is clear from the result, too. Keep it up!

— Évi & Szabolcs
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —