Fondness overload

— Eri & Robi

What immediately stood out for me the first time I met the Happy Couple was how much they love each other and their family. They had been planning to make their dreams about a well-structured, well-conducted wedding and a big-time reception come true for so long. They asked me to fulfill a responsible role, but I was sure that after careful planning everything was going to pan out perfectly.

On the Special Day I was welcomed by the guests with such unprecedented trustfulness and curiosity that it’s no wonder I could deliver a superb banquet with games, brittle-cake smashing, cake cutting, bridal dance and a fantastic party. I was only let go by the family after taking three large boxes of candy and cakes.

“Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for your professional coordination. It would have been quite tough, maybe even impossible to deliver such a wonderful and significant day without you. Right after the first meeting it was crystal clear for us that we found the best person for the job.
Being an immensely precise but not at all obtrusive host, you perfectly ensured a smooth running of our wedding and the banquet that followed. You were always at the right place at the right time, and you also seamlessly conducted the programs we agreed on beforehand.
Moreover, our guests only gave us positive feedbacks about your work too, so we will recommend you to anybody who is looking for a wedding mc without hesitation – everybody deserves to have such an expert like you supervise their special day.”

— Eri & Robi
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —