Cake Face

— Zsófi & Ati

After a moving ceremony out in a lovely glade in nature, we let the party started with a Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest from Pulp Fiction. Zsófi and Ati turned out to be the true Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega of all the lovebirds in my carreer, since they put up a killing show and made their friends lose their mind. We never tried to stop them, though, and this was just the beginning. Real hell broke loose when the wedding cake rolled in for Steve Aoki – Cake Face blasting from the speakers.

As an invited vendor it is a great honor and pleasure for me to help such lovely couples join their lives together, and I wish everyone weddings with the same ease and perfect flow as this one.

Peter is the “Mr. Wolf of the wedding hosts”. He did a professional work in our wedding and with his help we could keep our cool until the end and felt that we can go with the flow. Peter makes a great example of agility and know-how, several times it was like we were in a live tv show of a top TV channel. He was there if we needed anything e.g. cooperation with our other vendors or maintaining the good atmosphere. We recommend him to anyone who want to feel good in their wedding day and want to remember it as a great experience!

— Zsófi & Ati
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —