Balaton Magic

— Alexa & Gábor

We entrusted Alexa and Gábor’s sailing themed wedding to the Elegancia wedding team, and we were so happy to do so. All the most romantic moments of this late-summer nuptial ceremony on Hotel Tópart’s beautiful venue were conjured by Márti Plesz. Right after the Happy Couple’s comeback we went on with plunging into the Balaton party vibe with Edgár Voroncov at the turntables, but the groom enchanted everyone with his dancemoves, too.

As a result, I had an easy job with mastering the event: all the games turned out great, though sometimes challenging for the guests. Photos and film were produced by the crew of Balázs Farkas-Mohi, who proved amazing parners today. Actually I wish everyone a wedding just as magical as this.

We already spotted Peter at another wedding, so it was no question we wanted him on our own, too. We got hooked onto his very easygoing, open and witty style. He could coordinate our guests and was fully aware when to intervene or stay in the background. He came up with brilliant games at the wedding that everybody loved, even those a bit on the reserved side. We were extremely satisfied with Peter’s job and we are grateful that he was our wedding host. Thank you for making our wedding so unforgettable!

— Alexa & Gábor
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —