Attaining the Supreme

— Zs & G

I had the most wonderful experience this summer in the Kun region, Hungary. I had the pleasure of managing a modern nuptial ceremony without any bonds, but with elements from a traditional jewish wedding, plus the wedding party of a very sweet couple.

We started off with the unveiling situation, which is an ancient custom, dedicated for the groom to make sure that it is really the love of his life under the veil. After the two uplifitng yes, as a final sequence the groom made a last promise while breaking a glass, and thus we proceeded with dinner and party till dawn. This time our guests had some duties, too, for example the happy couple’s top ten friends had to participate in a challenge and prove their loyalty for them in a game. I present to you some of the breathtaking moments in the unique style of photography of my friend, Tomi Cserkuti, so that you can share my longing to go back.

Dear Peter,
Thank you for making our wedding an unforgettable experience with your precision and positive attitude. Due to your professional workmanship we could accomplish our dream wedding, plus we are extra thankful for your coherent wedding team, which was of course made possible by you, too. We are counting on you when we repeat the whole thing in 50 years.

— Zs & G
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —