As easy as pie

— Era & Tomi

Era and Tomi’s wedding was that kind of event, which was not overly organized to say the least. After writing the sketch of the plan they especially asked me not to stick to it all if possible – everything should just get on like a house on fire. All they expected of me was to keep things under control, but they warned me: their friends will be hardcore.

As it turned out, not only were these friends super athletic and well-built, but meek and humble at the same time. Plus, the girls were lovely, so building upon these I could quickly make myself approved as captain, thus everyone could gleefully enjoy the greatest moments of the newlyweds. What is more, by executing a series of plan B, every requirement of the couple was met, too. This is how their wedding could go as easy as pie. Hey, even the bouquet split in three!

What I liked the most is that he’s super loud! 😉 A vigorous, energetic and funny guy. Call him now! Thank you very much!”

— Era
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —