All-smiles wedding

— Erika & Misi

Today I was to manage and coordinate Erika and Misi’s wedding day at Forster Vadászkastély, a venue where I had been booked as one of my very first projects a few years ago, so I had really high expectations with this one. Especially because I had the honor to celebrate this fantastic day with Zsófi Dragon who lead the nuptial ceremony of these two all-smiles lovebirds. Tying the knot intensified the bliss we had even further.

The newlyweds, being so sophisticated and kind, were so pleased with all the tears of love and joy they received that they had no other choice than to call out for everyone and go festive. Yes, we played a cool game and all, too, but today was more about having a laugh. And it was just good this way.

We are so grateful for you Peter! The wedding preparation and our big day could not have been so smooth without you. Right after the first meeting we were absolutely sure about a perfect outcome, since you provided us with such a thorough and professional service. We had such a blissful day that it even surpassed all our expectations. Thank you once again!

— Erika & Misi
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —