A romantic hideaway

— Sára & Dénes

It was literally decades ago when I first met Dénes who, as one of my sister’s bestest of friends, was just protecting her against all the threats of Budapest by night. Since then I have known that Dénes is an exceptional man of great honor and a die-hard optimist who knows no impossible challenges. We had a great time at weddings multiple times later on, and always knew there was this underlying connection between us that kept us on the same wavelength whenever we met: the admiration for my sister.

Thus I was simply overjoyed when I got to know that Dénes had also found the love of his life: Sára, who she fell in love with on their second date. What he must have fancied so much – other than Sára’s profession as a doctor – was the fact that she had actually never met with anyone from Tinder before. And now she never will – that’s a given because today at the romantic hideaway of Sorg Mansion both of these lovebirds’ deepest wishes came true. After tying the knot, now they will start a new adventure together in England and watch all the tennis matches strictly besides one another.

We recommend Peter as a great host for any event, we just had this feeling for a long time and it did not go away after our wedding.

— Sára & Dénes
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —