A gladsome experience

— Kata & Balázs

Marriage is like the EU accession: it is preceded by high expectations, then everything stays the same.” said the groom in his magnificent opening speech to the guests. You are the judge if he is right or wrong, but what is for sure, is that the wedding itself turned out to be phenomenal.

It was preceded by huge preparations and careful planning, so no wonder the Germany-based couple got a bit tired by end of making all the arrangements. However, the arrival of their special day apparently made them so elated they literally turned into beacons of joy.

Of course the guests joined in this whirl of pleasures and everyone had the experience of their lives. These are the moments that make me happy about being a wedding host: I see joy in people around me which charges me with the same energy too.

“Dear Peter,
You did an excellent job!
We loved how mindful you were and that you were always at service. Your introductory speeches were witty, plus you coordinated the guests perfectly as we agreed and you did not make it your personal show. You also handled the unexpected situations very well, for example when the bride was kidnapped during the bridal dance.
We endorse you for others too.”

— Kata & Balázs
— Rami & Zoli
Alexa & Jani —