A friendly gig

— Brigi & Tamás

Choosing a cool young team to make their wedding dreams come true was top priority for Brigi and Tamás.
For this reason we prepared with a cohesive group of freinds who has had each other’s trust for years. As a result, organizing a family-like wedding with lots of venues and adventurous urban experience was like a walk in the park.
This flawless harmony was something the guests really appreciated, too, so the night was also the beginning of some beautiful friendships.

Dear Peter

You were the first piece in our wedding puzzle that fit perfectly. Your experience and patience helped us a lot to come up with the best schedule for the day. We believe everything came ture that one could desire on their special day.

Sometimes there might be things we can’t control, but due to your quick response and empathy our wedding party was saved. Thanks you for your openness and commitment. Hope you make lots and lots of other couples happy in the future.

— Brigi & Tamás
— Dalma & Gergő
Dóri & James —