A crew to remember

— Kati & Tibi

If your friends are as thrilled about your wedding as the girls at Kati and Tibi’s wedding party then you’re good to go. Our guests were up for all the crazy stuff, they were first to volunteer for all the games and never left the dancefloor. With the help of such an amazing crew we could sail our ship, the ‘Europa’ to a dimension that got ingrained in our memory forever.

Dear Kati and Tibi, I wish you the same love and happiness that you shared with everybody today.

Thank you Peter for making our wedding a reality. We couldn’t have found a better wedding host to coordinate our Special Day. You managed to make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will never forget. Thank you!

— Kati & Tibi
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —