20 year anniversary

— Reni & Áron

Reni and Áron have been waiting for exactly 20 years for this colossal event to tie the knot. Everyone in our wedding crew knew that it was going to be something special so we were psyched to get started. A bride of bedazzling beauty and a laid-back groom soon proved to be a great recipe for success, so – happiness all around!

Dear Peter, thank you for making our special day even more special by paying attention to us, our requests and what we truly wanted in our hearts. I am extra grateful for you getting my sweet husband out of his comfort zone – a near impossible task, yet you managed to do so. Our guests were totally taken aback by your wedding games, everything ended up how I imagined, so thank you so much for all your help!

— Reni & Áron
— Zsófi & Bob
Gina & Joe —