Peter to every wedding!

— Magdi & Ati

With Peter’s help we could plan our wedding to every single minute of the day. He helped us a great deal since the beginning by giving us advice when needed, completing our ideas when asked and guiding us to have a great wedding party the whole time. He proved to be super-flexible with our schedule, had a keen eye for details and always reminded us when we happened to forget certain things. We had to postpone our big day due to Covid and thus we wanted a unique Harry Potter themed ceremony, which Peter was kind enough to prepare and orchestrate for us. He exceeded our wildest expectations: his texts made us roll on the floor laughing when first seen.

He took all the burdens off our shoulders while conducting the wedding party, so we could focus on having fun. We have never seen a wedding without any flaws before… but none of them had such a great MC present. Peter did a masterful job and we had the perfect wedding ever! We can whole-heartedly recommend him.

— Magdi & Ati
— Daniella & Csabi
Zsani & Bucsi —