A budding love

— Viki & Szerzsa

I first met Viki and Szerzsa as guests right at this venue at Nóri and Ricsi’s wedding of last year, who were so close to my heart. The budding love of Viki and Szerzsa was a sweet addition to that previous great event, and thus it is a great honor and bliss they chose me as their wedding host.

Their story revolves around a magnificent world tour and an overflowing love they share with friends, family and each other. Expectations were high, since first of all, we wanted the same atmosphere of that other wedding, plus we wanted to get there with completely different games. But hey, that was the plan and so did we execute it!

We met Peter at our friends’ wedding and already made a choice back then that we were going to book him to be our mc for our wedding, too. We never had seconds thoughts since not only did he always help us during preparation, but was of course brilliant on the big day, too. We always felt we were in good hands. What’s more, his witty, kind and funny lines enchanted everyone – we got so many positive remarks about him. Let it be revving up the party or a random change of plans, Peter handled everything smoothly and quickly. We are glad you joined us on our special day.

— Viki & Szerzsa
— Maya & Ade
Sára & Dénes —